What is TallyPrime?

TallyPrime is the new-age business management software from the house of Tally which is sure to delight you. Simplicity, speed, flexibility, and reliability are a trademark of Tally products and with TallyPrime you will experience them at a whole new level.

What makes TallyPrime a delightful experience?

Your business is continuously evolving. With every passing day, there are developments with the people you deal with, the people that work for you, the norms that you need to comply with and generally the way of doing business. In such an ever-changing business environment, it is important that your trusted business partner also evolves to simplify your life further while allowing you to focus on your constant goal – growing your business through simple to use and delightful technology products that are aimed at increasing efficiency in business management.

In our constant endeavour of doing so, we have revisited every area of our product, analysed how we can deliver the simplest experience possible and made it come alive with…

  • Simplicity at a whole new level with an amazing and easy user experience so that your work gets done faster
  • Ultra-flexible and intuitive design so you can get more out of the software and take full advantage of it
  • A refreshing look and feel that will surely delight you
  • Easy to learn and use
  • Enhanced user and feature-based security for restricted and trusted business data access

TallyPrime has been designed in a way that you will rarely need any support or help in running the product as per your needs. Experience TallyPrime to truly feel its power and transform your business with improved efficiency.

Features of TallyPrime

With a wide range of features, TallyPrime can be your perfect business companion. Here is the list of TallyPrime’s features:

  • Simplified Interface
  • Insightful Business Reports
  • Invoicing & Accounting
  • GST / Taxation
  • Inventory Management
  • Cash Flow Management
  • Multitasking Capabilities
  • Go To feature
  • Access business data Online
  • Secured Data

            TallyPrime Server Edition (Multi users-Unlimited)

Welcome to TallyPrime Server

TallyPrime Server offers critical services to monitor concurrency of operations to increase user productivity and efficiency, and enhance data security.

As the number of simultaneous users increase, the need for security of data and monitoring becomes critical in any business environment. Performance of the systems used for daily operations is another critical aspect. You can use TallyPrime Server to manage these factors.

TallyPrime Server provides monitoring and administrative control to business owners and administrators through its unique Monitor feature. The Monitor acts as a remote control for the data server, and helps to restrict or authorise user access to features as per business requirements. This monitoring tool helps administrators to substantially increase user productivity and efficiency, ensuring that the system is used optimally to complete day-to-day operational tasks.

Dedicated access to TallyPrime data to enhance concurrent usage in TallyPrime Gold setups is another function of TallyPrime Server. In medium and large businesses having many simultaneous users, performance of TallyPrime Server will be highly dependent on the servers that you use. TallyPrime Server helps manage this efficiently.

In a nutshell,

  • All users can work fast without impacting each other’s access to data, thereby increasing organisational efficiency.
  • The administrator/business owner can control the visibility of physical data files and the rights for administrative operations of all users, thereby minimising risks of data misuse.
  • Maintains high data consistency in intense use environment.
  • Low cost of ownership.
  • Low maintenance and high efficiency of operations in any size of business.

Key Features

Multiple users can simultaneously load companies, save transactions, export reports, import data, print reports, take backup, and perform other data related activities without experiencing any downtime or waiting.

For example, if a user starts taking a report for the last month, and another user wants to update a bill for the same month, concurrent access will ensure that both users can perform their respective tasks without any lag.

This frictionless access directly results in optimal utilisation of man hours as the velocity at which a task gets completed on the system will increase significantly. This leads to optimal utilisation of resources for your organisation.

Allows business owners/administrators to define data access permissions for the required personnel. This ensures security of all your data using mandatory authorisation.

Once your data files are managed through TallyPrime Server, you need not share the physical location or path to the data on the server. Clients just need the name of the data server to access and operate TallyPrime.

Additionally, you can control the company data management operations like backup, restore, and so on, with server level permissions.

TallyPrime Server ensures that your system is reliable with minimal downtime, and continuous data availability. This will allow you to access your company data anytime, from anywhere.

With TallyPrime Server, you can do maintenance operations like backup anytime without affecting the speed of access for the user, or the consistency of data. Usually, operations like backup requires users to stop working so that a proper and consistent backup can be taken, thus leading to downtime.  In other words, users can continue entering transactions or using reports while the backup is progressing.

Similarly, any kind of activity at the client end is kept isolated at the client. Such activities do not impact the data on the server, or the activities of any other user. This ensures that any loss of time due to system unavailability is minimised.

TallyPrime Server analyses system usage and user activities to optimise various processes and time spent on them.

Since access is controlled through TallyPrime Server, authorised users will be able to monitor the list of currently logged in users, companies that are open, track the activities, and even disconnect users, if such a requirement arises.

Your business processes will require certain users to perform repetitive activities periodically, like bank reconciliation. You may expect an accountant to take 60-man hours per month to take data from bank statements and use it as input for the bank ledger on the system. If your TallyPrime Server report show that the actual time spent on such tasks is 150 hours, you can take corrective actions to reduce the time spent

Rental Yearly Subscription

$ 1999 .00

/ Yearly
  • All TallyPrime Server  Features with  multi users access at a time
  • Account Payable, Receivable & Sales management
  • Annual Tss Renewal 
  • Email and Phone  support

Life Time License 

$ 9999 .00

One Time Fee ( No recurring Fees)
  • All TallyPrime Server  Features with  multi users access at a time
  • Account Payable, Receivable & Sales management
  • No TSS Renewal
  • No support ( You own the product)